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1-(4-Methoxyphenyl)-7-oxo-6-[4-(2-oxopiperidin-1-yI)phenyl 1-4, 5, 6, 7-tetrahydro-1H-pyrazolo [3, 4-c] pyridine-3-carboxylic Acid Ethyl Ester. 503614-91-3 APIXABAN
(2 R, 3S) -2-[(IR) -1-[3,5-Bis(trifIuoromethyl) phenyl ] ethoxy]-3-(4-fluorophenly) Morpholine hydrochloride (APT07) 171482-05-6 APREPITANT
N-(2-chIoro-I-methyI-ethyIidene)- hydra2inecarboxyIic acid methyl ester 155742-64-6 APREPITANT SIDE CHAIN
(S)-I-(3-Ethoxy-4-methoxyphenyl)-2- (methylsulfonyl)ethylamine N-acetyl-L-leucine salt 608141-43-1 APREMILAST
4-[4-[(5S)-5-(aminomethyl)-2-oxo-1,3- oxazolidin-3- yl]phenyl]morpholin-3-one hydrochloride 898543-06-1 RIVAROXABAN
3-(3-TrifIuoromethyI phenyl) propanol 78573-45-2 CINACALCET
R-(+) -1- (I-Naphthyl) Ethylamine 3886-70-2 CINACALCET
N1-((1S,2R,4S)-2-Amino-4-(dimethylcarbamoyl)cyclohexyl)-N2-(5-chloropyridin-2-yl)oxalamide 480452-37-7 EDOXABAN
(R) 2-[2-(4-Amino-phenyl)-ethylamino]-1-phenyl-ethanol 391901-45-4 MIRABEGRON
8-Bromo-7-but-2-ynyl-3-methyl-1-(4-methyl-quinazolin-2-ylmethyl)-3,7-dihydro-purine-2 6-dione 853029-57-9 LINAGLIPTIN
11-Piperazinodibenzo hydrochloride [b,f][1,4]thiazepine 753475-15-9 QUETIAPINE FUMARATE
1-(lsocyanomethyl)sulfony)-4-methylbenzene 738606-46-7 BEMPEDOIC ACID
2-Butyl-1,6 dihydro-N, N,4-trimethyl-6-oxo-1[(2-(1- triphenyl methyl) methyl) -5- pyrimidine acetamide 247257-48-3 FIMASARTAN
(+)2 — amino-3, 6-dihydro — 4- dimethyl amino — 6 — methyl -1, 3,5-triazine 775351-61-6 IMEGLIMIN HCL
N-Methyl-N-({3R,4R)-4-methylpiperidin-3-yl)-7H-pyrrolo[2,3-d]pyrimidin-4-amine 477600-74-1 TOFACITINIB
4-Amino-3-Hydroxy benzoic acid 3,5-Dichloro benzoic acid 951395-08-7 TAFAMIDIS MEGLUMINE
3-(Trifluoro Methyl)- 5,6,7,8-Tetrahydro-[1,2,4] Triazolo [4,3-A] Pyrazine HCl 762240-92-6 SITAGLIPTIN
3-Methyl-(S)-2-{ pentanoyl-[2'-(1 H-tetrazol-5-yl)-bipheny1-4-ylmethyl]-amino}-butyric acid methyl ester 137863-17-3 VALSARTAN
Intermediate I : 3-Methyl-5-(phenylmethoxy)-2-[4-(phenylmethoxy)phenyl]-1H-indole 198479-63-9 BAZEDOXIFENE
Intermediate II : 1-(2-(4-(Chloromethyl)phenoxy)ethyl)azepane hydrochloride 223251-25-0 BAZEDOXIFENE

*All Intermediates are available with DMF in CTD format

*Intermediates of In-Patent API’s are not offered commercially in territories where such
patents are applicable

*Intermediates available for Strategic requirements Regulated Markets.

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